Monday, 11 January 2016

Cologne Sex Attack: Let us dig deeper

There is no alternative to the freedom and security West offers to women; however a wave of misogyny is threatening this culture.

Fingers are pointing to suggest that the perpetuated reason behind the rape cases in Cologne is misogyny. If the evidence leads to the suggestion that the men behind the rapes, robbery and assaults on New Year Eve were of North Africa and Arab appearance, then let us get to the root cause of why it took place.

Many suggest that the religion of the perpetrator should not be questioned. Rape is a horrific crime and can take place anywhere. But the overwhelming evidence leaves you uncomfortable especially when here in UK reports suggest that Rotheram grooming gangs was not one off incident and there are gangs out there within the community who are exploiting young white girls. Political correctness and the fear of being labelled Islamophobia hinders the idea to be fearlessly blunt about the real reasons which have allowed these monstrosities to occur.

I should have thought that Islam and Mohammad’s legacy is far superior in understanding how to treat women with respect and equality. The Islamic culture lays down the significance of Purdah, Hijab and the importance of segregation to safeguard women. And yet we are seeing men from Muslim backgrounds involved in degrading womanhood.

Far too long Muslims have gone on to believe that women are subordinate to men. A culture that seeks to impose restrictions on women is less likely to defend their rights of freedom, their choices and their independence.   

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